Brembo 6 piston 380x34mm brake kit (M3 E9x and 1M E82)




In our kits we are using only brand new calipers, which fits from factory on gm cars, like corvettes and camaros.
This calipers have lug mounts from the factory, so they can’t be fitted on other cars with simple and beauty mounts, like other aftermarket calipers which have radial mounts.
So, we make our lug mount to radial modification for this calipers on our CNC milling machine, which guaranteed excellent result every time.

After modification done, all calipers goes thru sandblasting and then new respraying to any customers color choice.
At the end we are getting very beauty and usable calipers:

  • 190mm pads length – to understand calipers size, you can compare it for example with most competitors 6 pot calipers, which are smaller and have only 152mm long pads.
  • This caliper uses very common pads form factor, so you can choose any pads height, you want for the best setup.You can take smaller height pads, 47mm or 57mm for 2 piece light weight rotors, like used in the kits. Or you can use 65mm pads, for excellent fit on oem m3 floating rotors. You can even take 76mm pads, for widest rotors, like 380mm rotors from f8x series.
  • You can change pads without caliper removing- only center pin needs to be removed.
  • Calipers have dust boots, so they work excellent even in everyday use.
  • Overall pistons area very similar to most oem setups, so you don’t get any problems when fitting them.

This rotors are interchangeable with our kits which used oem rotors. So, you can use our kit worked on oem rotors, and then change rotors on two piece floating (h-bobbins mounts). Same about this kit, any time, you can fit oem rotors and use wider pads.

And of course, our rotors is fully interchangeable with brembo kit rotors. So you can use brembo rotors in our kits and vice versa.


Only lightest components, as always:

  • One caliper weights only 3.3kg (7.25lbs).
  •  750 gram per rotor hat (typical hat in this size 1300 gram)
  •  350 gram per bracket (typical aluminum bracket weight 600-700 gram, and steel even more!)

All components made from aircraft aluminum and then anodized in black.
Rotors in this kit using 60mm pad height.


This kit consists from:

  • Pair of new calipers (in any color you choose)
  • Pair of lightweight brackets – made from aircraft aluminum and anodized in black.
  • Pair of braided brake hoses (goodridge components).
  • Pair of two piece floating rotors (H-bobbins)
  • Pair of Ferodo DS2500 Pads


We paint rotors in color by choice. Select one of standard or pick your own at no charge.

We not using powdered coat because it didn’t got this so fine finish. Only white logo change color in extreme conditions (when you go few sessions continuously), main color tone changed very little. there are no problems like that on black logo.

Check fresh video after one season on track with our front brakes (yellow with black logo) with Ti plates.

Additional information

Caliper Color

Blue, Custom, Gray, Red, Yellow

Front rotor size

380mm x 34 mm

Kit contents

2 pc ferodo ds2500 pads, 2 pc. 380x34mm floating rotors (h-bobbins mounts), 2 pc. braided brake hoses, 2 pc. calipers, 2 pc. lightweight anodized brackets

Pad heigth


Pad length


BMW car type



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